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Empty tomb

The Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples that he would be killed and that he would rise from the dead on the third day. Those who hated him and plotted his death knew of this prophecy and they sealed and guarded the grave. They were determined that no one would snatch the body and claim that Jesus had risen.

Jesus is alive!

On the third day, the terrified guards fled as the ground was shaken beneath them. Jesus rose bodily from the dead - no spirit communication here! His disciples saw him, held him, talked with him and ate with him on many occasions over a forty day period. One of the disciples, Thomas, could not bring himself to believe that Jesus had really risen, but was convinced when the risen Lord invited him to feel his wounds. Thomas worshipped him saying, "My Lord and my God!" On another occasion, Jesus appeared to more than five hundred people at once!

The life changing message

This is that the Lord Jesus died on the cross to save sinners, that he conquered death, returned to heaven and that he lives today. Everyone who repents of their sins and trusts in Jesus as Saviour and Lord will also go to heaven and will live for ever. We do not need to go to spiritualists in the vain hope of contacting the dead. The Christian dead are safe and happy with Christ in heaven!

Do join a local bible-based church to worship our risen Saviour!

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